2014 MJBL Awards  
MVP Carey Candy Trophy Brent Dunn - Pembina Valley Orioles
Top Pitcher - Jack Hind Brent Wiebe - Altona Bisons
Manager of the Year - Ken Prodonick Brent Laverty- Pembina Valley Orioles
Rookie of the Year - Jack Thompson Dustin Braun - Carillon Sultans
Outstanding Defensive Player - Len Gzebb Shayne Turk - Elmwood Giants
Baseball and Education - Kevin Paul Halford Jesse Mutcheson Pembina Valley Orioles
Sportsmanship & Ability - Jacobucci Domes Cal Dueck - Altona Bisons
U of W - Scholarship Matt Smith - Elmwood Giants
  Rory Mitchell - St. Boniface Legionaires
Umpire of the Year Mark Witiuk
Dave Bowles Scholarship Al Andre- St. Boniface Legionaires
Catcher Colton Carlow- St. Boniface Legionaires
First Base Colin Bouchard- St. Boniface Legionaires
Second Base Bryce Enns  - Pembina Valley Orioles
Third Base Dustin Braun - Carillon Sultans
Shortstop Travis Friesen -Altona Bisons
Outfield Paul Esteves- St. Boniface Legionaires
Outfield Brent Klassen Altona Bisons
Outfield Brent Dunn - Pembina Valley Orioles
Utility Blake Hartry- Pembina Valley Orioles
Designated Hitter Matt Smith - Elmwood Giants
Left-handed Pitcher Eric Swanson - Winnipeg South Chiefs
Right-Handed Pitcher Brent Wiebe Altona Bisons


The 2013 MJBL Award Winners and First All Star Team was announced Friday afternoon:

The League Champions were the Pembina Valley Orioles,

Batting Champion and MVP honours went to Jamieson Krentz (Carillon),

There were two winners under the Top Pitcher category including    Bryan Evans (Pembina Valley) and Josh Register (St Boniface)

The Rookie of the Year was Colin Bouchard (St Boniface)

And the Manager of the Year was Brent Laverty (Pembina Valley)

Defensive Player of the Year:
Nathan Christiuk (Carillon)

Sportsmanship and Ability:
Ryan Kuhtey (Winnipeg South)

Umpire of the Year:
Ryan Bannerman (Winnipeg)

University of Winnipeg Scholarship:
Colton Carlow (St Boniface)

Baseball and Education Bursary:
Riley Penner (Pembina Valley)

David Bowles Bursary:
Jamieson Krentz (Carillon)
Paul Esteves (St Boniface)


RHP: Bryan Evans (Pembina Valley)
Travis Friesen (Altona)
LHP: Tyler Townsend (Elmwood)
Colin Bouchard (St Boniface)
C: Nathan Christiuk (Carillon)
1B: Jamieson Krentz (Carillon)
2B: Craig Heppner (Altona)
SS: Jesse Goertzen (Carillon)
3B: Blake Hartry (Pembina Valley)
OF: Brent Dunn (Pembina Valley)
Jesse Mutcheson (Pembina Valley)
Paul Esteves (St Boniface)
DH: Roy Ettawacappo (Elmwood)
Utility: Jeff Hotson (Elmwood)


Manitoba Junior Baseball League 2012 Award Winners
League Champions – Daryl Steen Trophy    Carillon Sultans
MVP – Carey Candy Trophy   Jamieson Krentz, Carillon Sultans
BattingVic Bozyk Trophy   Jamieson Krentz, Carillon & Brendan Shearer, St, Boniface
Sportsmanship & Ability – Jacobucci Domes Trophy   Brett Hiebert, Carillon Sultans
Baseball & Education – Kevin Paul Halford Trophy   Jamieson Krentz, Carillon Sultans
Umpire of the Year – Sam Tascona Trophy   Brian Hodgson
Manager of the Year – Ken Prodonick Trophy   Ken Wiebe, Altona Bisons
Outstanding Pitcher – Jack Hind Trophy   Colin Waldner, Altona Bisons
Outstanding Defensive Player – Len Gzebb Trophy   Nathan Christiuk, Carillon Sultans
Rookie of the Year – Jack Thompson Trophy   Mike Volrath, Winnipeg South Chiefs
University of Winnipeg Scholarship – Drew Haight, Pembina Valley Orioles
David Lougheed Bowles Bursaries – David Mabon, St. Boniface & Matt Smith, Elmwood

Manitoba Junior Baseball League 2012 All-Stars
Catcher  - Nathan Christiuk, Carillon
Left handed Pitcher – Troy Voth, Altona
Right handed Pitcher – Colin Walder, Altona
First Base – Brenden Shearer, St. Boniface
Second Base – Matt Smith, Elmwood
Third Base – Jamieson Krent, Carillon
Shortstop – Brandon Gray, St. James
Outfielders – Mike Gershman, Carillon, Myles Hiebert, Carillon, Josh Robinson, St. James
Utility Players – Tim Hayward, St. Boniface & Bryce Vincent, Elmwood
Designated Hitter – Tyler Wiwchar, St. James

Upcoming Games
Wed Jun 28/17 7:00pm:
@ from Jun 14 - Game 50
Altona Bisons -
Elmwood Giants -
Wed Jun 28/17 7:00pm:
@ Game 76
St. Boniface Legionaires -
St. James A's -
Wed Jun 28/17 7:00pm:
@ Game 77
Brandon Marlins -
Pembina Valley Orioles -
Wed Jun 28/17 9:00pm:
@ Game 75
Altona Bisons -
Elmwood Giants -
Mon Jul 3/17 7:00pm:
@ from Jun 16 Game 53
Interlake Blue Jays -
Pembina Valley Orioles -
Tue Jul 4/17 7:00pm:
@ PPD - Game 18 from May22 @ Ile des Chenes
Pembina Valley Orioles -
Carillon Sultans -
Recent Results
Mon Jun 26/17 7:00pm:
Pembina Valley Orioles 0
Carillon Sultans 8
Sun Jun 25/17 4:00pm:
Brandon Marlins 4
St. Boniface Legionaires 5
Sun Jun 25/17 4:00pm:
Elmwood Giants 12
Carillon Sultans 0
Sun Jun 25/17 4:00pm:
Interlake Blue Jays -
Altona Bisons -
Sun Jun 25/17 1:00pm:
Brandon Marlins 10
St. Boniface Legionaires 8
Sun Jun 25/17 1:00pm:
Elmwood Giants 6
Carillon Sultans 7
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